Waterfall Trails, Cave Exploration & An Ice-Cream or Five

This weekend, we went away for one night to Cushendall. We drove the coastal route so we could enjoy the views along the way. We were lucky to get so much sunshine and blue skies 🙂 We stopped at a beach on the way. It was early in the morning, so it was really quiet. The girls got the playground to themselves and the sea and sky were beautifully blue. We got some coffee and ice-creams from the little cafe there and ate them in the sun 🙂

Afterwards, we drove to Glenariff Forest Park. We brought a picnic with us and had it at the top 🙂 The views are spectacular there. Then, the girls and my boyfriend did gymnastics on the grass. We went for a walk on the Waterfalls Trail. The waterfalls were beautiful and the steps made the walk down feel very quick. The walk back was very steep and the girls insisted on being carried for most of it! I always feel better after going for a long walk though – even if it is uphill 🙂

We drove to the inn we were staying at. After checking in, we called into the pub next door. Everyone was really friendly in it. A man at the bar bought the girls some crisps 🙂 We sat in the beer garden and had a drink (the girls had juice and snacks :)) When it started to get chilly, we found a quiet table inside and the place had a relaxed atmosphere. It really felt like we were on holiday then 🙂 We went for a walk to find the beach. It was very cold but it was still bright and sunny. We walked along the shore and then found a playground and an outdoor gym. The girls are always more interested in the outdoor gyms for adults for some reason.

We had dinner in a local restaurant. I had some scampi and the girls had chicken and chips (which seems to be their dinner of choice wherever we happen to go to!)

The following morning, we had an Ulster fry in a local cafe (it was included with our room.) Then, we drove to Cushendun and visited the caves. The tide was in and we got a bit wet when we were trying to reach them 🙂 The girls love the caves and hearing their voices echo in them 🙂 We arrived at the right time because as we were leaving the caves, a big group of tourists arrived 🙂 I love the views there and how wild everything looks. It’s easy to capture good photos there 🙂 We went for another walk to the playground. It felt like we visited every playground in the country this weekend but the girls never tire of them 🙂 The girls did some gymnastics for me to watch on a patch of grass while my boyfriend ran back to the park to retrieve his coffee cup 🙂 Then, we stopped for a snack in the National Trust cafe there. My boyfriend tried rhubarb tart for the first time ever 🙂 I ended up stealing half of it because it was so nice. The coffee was lovely too. The girls had little ice-cream sundaes and then we went back to the car. We met some ducks in the carpark and said hi to them 🙂

We drove the same route back. Even though it takes longer, it’s worth it for the views. I love watching the sea and seeing all the mountains and the animals that live on them 🙂 We saw lots of sheep, goats and cows. It makes the drive more interesting for everyone too. On the way home, we stopped at the same seaside park we visited on our way there. We all loved it, so the girls played in the sun and then we got another ice-cream and returned home. I feel like I’m in holiday mode now and this weekend has tricked my mind into thinking the summer has already begun. I want to book the next trip 🙂 Even if it’s just something local and modest, it’s fun planning for it and getting away from everything for a day or two 🙂

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