Podcasts in Peace, Woven Medallions & Windy Beach Days

I feel like I have so much blogging to catch up on 🙂 Last week, I did lots of writing and coffee drinking. I feel like my life revolves around coffee and cake far too much at the minute, but I suppose it could be worse 🙂 I made some chocolate and walnut banana bread. I’ve been making cake every week and sometimes it’s too readily available when I shouldn’t be eating it 🙂 We got some interesting types of hot chocolate in a local cafe. They had changed the upstairs a bit since I was last there. They had some bookshelves of books to exchange. I might return with some books I’ve finished and see what’s there 🙂 I had a chilli hot chocolate and my boyfriend had a vanilla one. I’ve been fantasising about it since 🙂 It was a sunny day and lots of people were drinking coffee outside. It made me feel hopeful about better weather 🙂 Afterwards, we had a walk around CS Lewis Square and looked at the sculptures.

One of my favourite things to do at the moment is to walk and listen to a podcast on the way to picking up the girls. It’s a good way to rest and just gather my thoughts before the craziness of homework time begins 🙂 After that, my daughter and I had a painting session. I started a new acrylic painting and my daughter did one of her own in the same colours 🙂

The girls and I made some woven medallions from their art box. They just had to cut out cardboard circles using the templates provided and then wind embroidery thread around some felt to hold it in place. I made one too and found it really therapeutic 🙂

The girls made me breakfast in bed one morning 🙂 They brought me some banana bread and some orange juice in a cup because they didn’t want to carry coffee up the stairs 🙂

After seeing my nieces and nephew at Tim Hortons, we went for a walk at a beach. It was very windy and we were lucky to escape the rain which started right after we left. We had a picnic and then retreated inside.

We have a cat that keeps visiting our kitchen windowsill 🙂 My boyfriend and the girls were playing with a brush and getting it to chase it through the window 🙂 I will continue our weekend adventures in another post as we went away for a couple of days 🙂

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