Mint Tea, Island Views & Cherry Blossom

This week has been busy, but I feel like I haven’t remembered to document it with photos 😊 On Saturday, we went to We Are Vertigo, to the Inflatable Park. I’d never been in it before and it was fun. It’s like a huge bouncy castle with different challenges placed around it. I didn’t bring my phone with us, for obvious reasons, so sadly I have no photos of it 😊 Afterwards we had lunch in Burger King, to make up for my daughter’s missed birthday celebrations the previous weekend.

I’ve been cooking and baking a lot this week. I made some lasagne, which proved popular in our house. I also made a chocolate and lemon cake, but for some reason, I didn’t think to take pictures of them. I thought they tasted better than they looked anyway 🙂

We had my daughter’s best friend over for her birthday party. We just did a hunt with clues for sweets and pass the parcel. I made some chilli for the adults and party food for the kids. We had several kinds of cake. My boyfriend had made his orange one too. He made Moroccan tea for everyone. I love it – it has fresh mint in it and it’s very sweet and refreshing. I like watching the process of him making it too and his silver teapot is so cute 😊

On Sunday, we went to Sketrick. I love that place; the views are so beautiful. It was bitterly cold outside, but the sky looked lovely. We walked to the little island and then went to the café to warm up with some hot chocolate and treats 😊 There is something about the café there that reminds me of a Parisian café, but with a sea view 😊 A local artist had raised a huge amount of money for charity through selling his crafts. I had to get a picture of the shelves of them; I loved the little trees and it restores my faith in humanity – seeing someone doing something so time-consuming and not for personal gain 😊 The peanut butter and chocolate traybakes were lovely there too.

Afterwards, we just walked to the castle. My boyfriend decided to climb to a high ledge on it, much to the delight/horror of my kids! I stayed with my feet firmly planted on the ground 😊 It felt like the first real day of Spring, despite the Winter chill. The sky looked like it had held onto a sunset all day long and the air was really fresh. It’s funny how doing something as simple as that can make your soul feel completely rested.

Yesterday, my daughter was excited to spot Cherry Blossom on the walk from school. The girls love filling their pockets with the fallen flowers every year 😊 I might take them for a walk soon to a tree that produces petals like confetti 😊 I like seeing my kids really excited about small things like that that are free to do.

My boyfriend and I went to the Baytree café in Holywood yesterday. I don’t know if it’s a different one than I’d visited years ago. He was excited because they had an orange Moroccan cake on the menu, but I don’t think it was authentic. It was still nice though 😊 I like trying different places and making new memories in them. This week, I plan to be better about photographing our adventures.

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