Pancake Day, Spring Views & Simple Birthdays

This week, I’ve been bad about capturing photo-worthy moments. Sometimes I think that’s a sign you’ve been fully immersed in the moment though, so I’ll focus on the positives 🙂

We had pancakes twice on Pancake Tuesday 🙂 I usually make the thick American style ones, but I made crepe-type pancakes and I think my daughter preferred them. We have used a ridiculous amount of syrup this week 🙂 When we have pancakes, I usually forget to take a picture before eating them 🙂

I made some time to paint and finished an acrylic of a sunflower. I might release it as a print soon 🙂 Painting always puts me in such a good mood.

We got a beautifully sunny day, so we went to the beach with friends. We started in the playground and then we walked on the beach and out to the pier. The tide was out really far and we saw lots of mussels. It just felt like a really memorable, magical day. It’s always on the simplest days that I have that thought.

I met my mum for coffee at a local hotel. It was for a writing date but I didn’t actually write anything 😀 We had coffee and shortbread in front of the open fire. It was a very cold day but the weather was lovely and I took some time to sit and watch the scenery on my own before she arrived. I spotted some narcissi growing at my feet too and it cheered me up 🙂 I’m definitely ready for Spring and warmer weather.

At the weekend, a tummy bug struck and interfered with my daughter’s birthday plans, so we just had a simple birthday at home. I made little jam and nutella pastries for breakfast using puff pastry. I had decorated the night before with balloons, honeycombs and confetti (I’m still hoovering up confetti but the girls liked playing with it :)) My daughter got her birthday balloon chair and a badge and sash. I ordered her a milkshake as a birthday treat and then we had McDonald’s for lunch, as requested 🙂 We played a funny game I found in a charity shop. You put these things in your mouth to stretch it into a funny shape and then you have to read sentences and the other players guess what you’re saying. It’s so funny 😀 We had a mini carrot muffin tea party. and I added candles for my daughter. The girls played pass the parcel, pin the bow on the LOL doll and a game where they had to find numbers on the floor and race to jump on them. We finished the day with some party food and a chocolate cake 🙂 Sometimes I find that when things don’t go to plan, they end up being special in their own way.

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