Soup-Making, Paper Weaving & Data Monster Workshops

Following on from my last post, when we returned home after our holiday, the girls helped me to make some mushroom soup 🙂 They’ve got really good at preparing food 🙂 I still couldn’t convince them to have a second sip of it, but at least they helped to make it 🙂 They love being involved in cooking and I want to make more of an effort to involve them in useful cooking tasks, rather than just getting them to lick baking whisks 🙂

They have been working on the rolls of colouring paper they got for Christmas. It’s handy because the back of the paper is sticky, so you can attach it to whatever surface you are using. Afterwards, we did the weaving activity in their art box. They had to attach thread to a little loom, then we cut strips of coloured paper and they wove them through the string. You could add whatever you wanted to it. The girls added some pipecleaners too. I enjoyed the activity because you could make it your own and the possibilities are endless. When the girls were finished, they used the leftover paper strips to make bracelets and decorated them with some square sequins we had leftover from another project 🙂

In the afternoon, we called into a pub for £5 pizza. It was really nice and we were the only customers there, with the exception of one table. We went to Subway for a cookie for dessert and sat at the window 🙂 Then, we went to the Monster Making workshop as part of the Science Festival. The workshop was taken by an American graphic designer and author that uses data in her artwork. She explained the process to everyone and then let the kids make their own robots. They queued to get all the components for their pieces and had to answer questions that decided which colour they got, etc. The girls loved decorating theirs (my younger daughter copied my older one, as usual :)) Then, they had to join the other kids and form groups based on data – like whether they wanted to live in mud or slime, what age they were, whether they wanted to be able to fly like a bird or swim like a fish. The lady was selling her book at it and I was tempted to get it, but we decided to be good 🙂

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