Pecan Pie Cookies, Salt Dough & Mini Gingerbread Houses

This weekend was a quiet one, designed for hibernation. My daughter was off school at the end of the week, so we just stayed in so she could get over it.
We had a couple of Christmas movies and hot chocolate with marshmallows. I love watching them under a blanket with the Christmas tree lit 🙂 I actually find it preferable to going to the cinema now 🙂

We made a new cookie recipe from Dining on a Dime. It was a strange recipe but they turned out like little pecan pie slices 🙂 It had a cheesecake-like base and a sugary nutty topping. (They’re called Romance Cookies in the book.) The girls ate them but picked every single nut out 😀 They go really well with coffee 🙂 We have been using Activity Village so much. It is definitely worth the annual fee if you have a printer. I think it was about £20 for a year. The girls did lots of word searches, mazes and dot to dots – all Winter and Christmas themed 🙂 I got a chance to drink tea and look at The Simple Things while they did them 🙂 We finished Friday with homemade pizza and a movie 🙂

On Saturday, we made some salt dough decorations. It only has 3 ingredients in it and the recipe i use only takes 20 minutes in the oven. I have a tin of cookie cutters my sister and I used to use and now the girls like using them too 🙂 After cutting and adding whatever details they wanted, we baked them and then the girls painted them with poster paints and went mad with glitter! I think our floors will be sparkly for about a year! The girls want to give them to people as gifts but I don’t know if they’d thank us 🙂

The girls wanted to do more baking, so I made my usual gingerbread recipe and I cut little house shapes out of it for them to decorate, like mini gingerbread houses 🙂 I made them a little icing station at the table with a mixture of sweets to add to their cookies. They loved making them and they turned out like little Hanzel and Gretel style houses 🙂

On Sunday, we made some Christmas postcards. I brought down some of the girls Christmas books to draw from/take inspiration from. They loved drawing their own pictures and then painting them with poster paints. I took charge of the glitter for the final step that time 🙂

I’ve been working on editing my new book, so hopefully it will be available soon on Amazon 🙂

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