A New Book, Sculpture Decoration and Sea Air

I have just published my new book “The Job Joke – A Memoir” on Amazon. The kindle version is available and the paperback will be available very soon. It is a humorous story about my misfortunes in work over the years. Each chapter covers one job and the ridiculous situations that present themselves in work. I had several requests from people I know to write something lighter for a change, so I attempted it. If anyone happens to read it, I’d really appreciate if you could leave a quick review on Amazon 🙂

My lovely friend and I went for a walk in Stormont on a sunny day and she kindly treated me to coffee and a traybake. No matter how many times I go there, I always seem to come across a part of it I haven’t been to before. There was a lovely patch of wildflowers that I’d like to go back to before the weather gets colder 🙂

As I mentioned in the last post, the girls and I finished decorating the sculptures we made. We used pencil first to draw shapes onto our sculptures. My flower still looked like a starfish and I think it actually turned out much less interesting than the girls’, but it was still fun making art like a kid (making art for the sake of the process and not for how it turns out in the end :)) We used acrylics to paint the shapes drawn onto the Mod Roc. After it dried, we added sequins and colourful matchsticks with lots of glue 🙂 Once they are completed, you can remove the card from underneath, but my daughter decided to decorate her card too 🙂 I’ve discovered I really enjoy doing artistic things at times of the day when I ordinarily wouldn’t think to – like right before the girls go to bed 🙂 It’s a good way to wind down at the end of the day. It’s also made me want to try to do some sort of 3D paintings. It was satisfying painting the sculptures at the end 🙂

After school yesterday, I took the girls on an impromptu trip to the beach 🙂 It was becoming windy and the sea was getting quite wild when we got there, but the place was deserted and I loved how fresh it made everything feel. I find going to the sea really healing and I have so many happy memories at Seapark, so I always feel good there. The girls played in the playground and then we had a snack picnic on a bench, with gingerbread men and coffee for me 🙂 I love drinking warm drinks when it’s getting cold outside, and that was the first day I noticed it was. The girls practised their gymnastics on the grass and then we went for a walk on the beach. There is a little stream there that they like to jump across. Afterwards, they did stone skimming in the sea – although it was more like throwing giant rocks at the water for my younger daughter 🙂 My daughter found some sea glass and was really excited about it 🙂 She loves to look out for it wherever we go. The sky looked quite stormy as we were leaving, but I think that looks beautiful too 🙂 As always, I left the seaside with a clearer head and pockets full of shells the girls gave me 🙂

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