Market Strolls, Bacon Pancakes & Collecting Conkers

This week has been difficult, so I’ve been trying to do things to cheer myself up. I’ve been working on my new book. I’m almost finished editing it and then I plan to publish it. Several people suggested I write something light for a change so it’s a silly/funny memoir type of thing. I went to Starbucks and had another pumpkin latte. I have the syrup in the house, but I seem to just be drinking it everywhere now instead of saving it for Starbucks 🙂 I got a window seat and even though the view isn’t the prettiest, it was a good corner to write in 🙂 My friend came round for wine last night and made me laugh as always 🙂 Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is the thing you need to do most.

This morning, the girls and I went to St George’s Market with a friend. It was a beautifully sunny day. I love September sun and crispy leaves under your feet. I put on my roses dress, boots and red rose in my hair. I think putting something happy on your body creates happy energy around you 🙂 The girls are obsessed with the little statue outside the market. I’m not even sure what it signifies, but the fact it’s a little kid and a goose seems to excite them 🙂

We wandered around the market with my friend and he kindly got us coffee 🙂 It was early so it was still quiet and we got to see everything at the stalls without having to fight our way through crowds. We sat on some crates and had coffee until the girls started climbing on everything and it was time to keep moving. The girls wanted to buy something at every stall and they got some hot chocolate and a hairband each. I keep meaning to bring these cute little polka dot shopping bags with us that my neighbour gave the girls, but I always forget to bring them. They were happy with their little paper bags anyway 🙂 Sometimes it might be better not to encourage their shopping though! I was talked into getting the girls some bath bombs, but it is a gift for me too because they will keep them entertained for a while 🙂 I got some fancy cheese and bacon pancakes for my mum and we went there afterwards. I loved the bacon pancakes and they would go really well with maple syrup 🙂 I might attempt to make some at home some time soon.

We had a lunch buffet type of thing with the food we got at the market and my mum’s scones. We are all addicted to her scones and she sent some home with us since it’s the one thing the girls are guaranteed to eat for breakfast. The weather was still great, so we went to Rowallane for a while. It seems like most photos I take of my kids involve them either running away from me or running towards me 🙂 They can’t stay still for long. We walked around the walled garden and I saw some geraniums I wanted to adopt. The girls love climbing in the big bath thing there, but it has become a very obvious hide and seek spot since they use it so often. The light was really beautiful today so I had to get some pictures of it dancing on the ground and cutting through the trees. I saw some yellow flowers on the way out of the garden that had bloomed since we were last there – apparently they were some kind of hydrangea that just looked completely different.

My daughter stopped to look at the fungi sign. There are some really pretty types of fungi there – which feels like a strange statement – but they’re really decorative looking. We got some pictures at the stile and the girls raced down the hill to climb on the rocks. Then we went to the cafe and got the best spot in front of the window. Looking out of it makes me feel like it could be any time in history and makes everything seem to go very still. My dad showed the girls a spot where kids had been stacking rocks. It seems to have become a trend now but I don’t know if it has an official name! They had since been demolished so the girls rebuilt them 🙂 Then we walked to the horse chestnut tree to look for conkers. The girls found lots of them and my handbag is full of them now 🙂 (I like my daughter’s conker-opening face.) There were lots more hanging on the tree so I’ll have to take them back in a week or two. I got myself a new mug from the potter that makes all the pottery in a barn there. It’s a funny shape and more importantly, it’s microwaveable for all the times I have to reheat coffee when the girls distract me from drinking it 🙂

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