Zoo Visits, Painting Sessions & Mixed Media Collages

I’ve been mentally preparing this post for a while but I’m finally getting around to putting it together 🙂

Last weekend, I made a treasure hunt for the girls that consisted of clues leading them to sweets. Then, we did some acrylic painting from their art box. They had to cut the centre out of a view finder to help them decide on an object to paint. I made some hot chocolate and they painted the same thing as each other ☺️ We are definitely at the copying stage. I did some painting of my own too, but I didn’t steal anyone’s idea 😊

On Saturday, we went to the zoo. We spent hours there and the girls said the giraffes and penguins were their favourite. I liked some tiny tortoises called Pancake tortoises 😊 I think the girls still prefer the playground to any of the animals. We saw the bears, meerkats, sea lions, lions, elephants, zebras and some wandering peacocks that made their way into the playground and into the other animals’ pens 😊

The following morning, we went for coffee and treats with some of our lovely neighbours/friends. It was so sunny and it felt like we were sitting outside a cafe in Paris 😊 Afterwards, I took the girls for a walk on the Greenway to burn off their excess energy 😊 My parents came over for my mum’s birthday and my mum had a painting session with me and the girls at the table. It was really relaxing 😊 Then, we went out for Indian food and my daughter discovered her love for pakora. My mum brought me some beautiful flowers she got from a farm near their house. I was happy to get a sunflower too 😊

This weekend started with torrential rain so I took the girls to the gelato place near us for shelter 😊 It was quiet; I guess people think ice-cream and rain don’t go together but I do 😊

I got the girls some pound shop craft supplies so they could make little art cards. They’re obsessed with washi tape, so those and the sequins/making a mess with glue went down well 😊

On Saturday, we scooted/walked to the park for a brief visit. Then, we made some collages from the girls’ art box. They had to combine household objects with images to make their own creations. After that, they girls insisted on having lunch in the garden and built their own den to eat in.

On Sunday, we went for a walk in Rowallane with my parents. They introduced the girls to a tree that produces something that looks like cotton wool and they had lots of fun with the fallen bits, shaking it around and pretending it was snowing 😊 We got some coffee and took cover in the walled garden from the wasps 😊 On the way out my mum spotted some orange mushrooms so we stopped to get some photos because they were so unusual. Sometimes you can arrange big plans for your weekend but it’s the simplest things that stand out.

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