Craft Shops, Unicorn Cushions & Watercolour Explosions

This week, the girls and I paid another visit to the Cave Hill. It’s my current calm place and they love going there too 😊 We went for a walk around the castle and had a rainy day picnic. The girls ate with their hoods over their faces and seemed to find that hilarious 😊 They played in the adventure playground and we made it back to the car just before the heavy rain began. 🙂

We had a busy week filled with play dates with friends and family 🙂 I visited a little craft shop in my sister’s village that I love. Everything in it is so unique and all handmade, so I got some tea lights and a painted incense holder 🙂 She got us some German biscuits from the bakery and my daughter decided which one belonged to whom 🙂

The girls got unicorn cushion kits as a gift so we spent part of a day making those. There was no sewing involved – just tying, so they left me to do that and returned when it was time to stuff the cushions/decorate them. They liked adding the eyelashes and hearts and pulling all the stuffing apart 🙂 They were so happy with the results and the unicorns live in their beds now!

I made some more homemade play doh and just left it plain coloured and scented to make life easy ☺️ The girls played hairdressers for ages, squeezing play doh into the people’s heads and then trimming their hair/beard!

I baked some more chocolate chip cookies from my Midnight Chicken book. They are so easy to make and you can put whatever kind of chocolate in them that you like.

This morning, the girls did some more watercolour exploration. We used watercolour paper and they made thinner watercolour paints by mixing the paint with cups of water. They played with their painty water, brushes and a pipette and soaked their paper. It wasn’t a very aesthetically pleasing project but the girls loved making them. Afterwards, they did some normal watercolour pictures too.

While the girls were at a club this morning, I went for a mini fry and coffee in a local cafe. It bought me some peace to write and I got a few pages done. I wandered around charity shops and went to the Refill Quarter. I love days of aimless wondering and seeing where you end up.

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