Relief Prints, Brownie Baking & Monochromatic Painting

This week, I’ve had a chance to do more crafts with the girls since there have been fewer sunny days. We did their last printing project from their art box. They were called relief prints. It involves creating white areas on the stampers which become the outline when you stamp with them. It came with polystyrene sheets that we had to cut up into different shapes and then lean hard with a pencil on them to create imprints and designs. I made some too and it was really therapeutic 😊 The girls seem to love any time the ink pad makes an appearance, but the body painting one remains their favourite – probably because it’s the messiest!

We had our first trip to soft play since before last March and they loved it. My daughter went down the free fall, which I was never brave enough to do (it’s like a vertical slide.) When we got home, it was raining so we baked some brownies and the girls licked the bowl (obviously.)

We started a new painting box they got and did the monochromatic painting. I think the girls are too drawn to bright colours to really go along with the concept, so they did watercolour pictures of their own. I painted some blue-toned buildings. My daughter decided to do her own version in different colours 😊 I find they sit much longer when I make something of my own too 😊

I was making some jewellery so I made the girls their own bracelets. I don’t seem to be able to complete crafts in the house without everyone getting involved 😊

I’ve been charity shopping more recently and found some gel pens for the girls. I don’t know why they love drawing with pens so much – maybe because they aren’t allowed to write with them in school, but they kept them busy for ages 😊

Every time we pass Jellybean, (a local cafe) my kids ask to go there, so I finally agreed 😊 They love the play area and they got some cinnamon toast and hot chocolate. I love their coconut milk hot chocolate and peanut butter bagels too 😊 We had to get some jellybeans on the way out too and they disappeared before we even got home.

I took the girls to the cinema one day. I’ve decided it’s easier to watch something they like that doesn’t interest me, although I still think they are fondest of visiting the toilets 😀 Afterwards, I took them for a scoot in Victoria Park. We just went around the pond and saw some geese along the way. They were crossing the path in a line and the girls were fascinated by it 😊 Apart from that, I remembered our subscription to Activity Village and printed some ice-cream activities for them to do. They liked designing their own ice cream sundaes best 😊

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