Double Chocolate Cake, Bubble Painting & Sunbathing Stations

Today I just wanted to have a chilled day, but I always forget those don’t exist with kids as energetic as mine 🙂 So, we went to the playground and they had a climb. I think it’s funny the way they always climb to the top with no hesitation. I was the kid that was always sitting at the top of the slide waiting for one of my parents to rescue me. They went to the top of the spider web and since starting gymnastics, their favourite thing to do is to swing upside down from the ropes 🙂 We went early before many people had arrived and it was already extremely hot. We didn’t stay too long because of that but it was nice while it lasted 🙂 I attempted to sit and read a book but I wasn’t allowed to for long 🙂 When we got home the girls played in the garden for a while.

I was in the mood to bake and felt the need to do something soothing with my hands, so we had a chocolate cake baking day 🙂 I made a double chocolate cake and added some cute unicorns and rainbows I got as a gift 🙂 The girls enjoyed adding extra sprinkles. I really like the Dining on a Dime cookbook. The recipes are all a bit strange and counterintuitive, but they work out really well 🙂 It had an icing you pour on top of the cake after you’ve boiled it, which suits me because I’m too impatient to wait for cakes to cool properly before icing them 🙂

The girls had picked out a Frozen cupcakes kit to do by themselves. Apart from losing half the egg white outside the bowl, they managed everything really well 🙂 They made the sponge, buttercream and then decorated them with sprinkles and sugar paper. Then they licked the bowl and ate them and had the inevitable crazy sugar rush 🙂

I decided to try bubble painting with them too. I just used some paper cups and added poster paints, washing up liquid and water and mixed them. We didn’t have any disposable straws so we had to improvise 🙂 They loved it because it’s the only time I’ve instructed them to blow into their drinks 🙂 You have to blow into the straw to create colourful bubbles above the rim of the cup and then place a piece of paper on top to make cool bubbly paint patterns 🙂 It kept them occupied for ages and they liked combining different colours on one page and generally making a mess 🙂

Afterwards, we opened a craft kit kindly given to us by a friend. The girls had to make LOL necklaces. They decorated the plastic backing with stickers and glitter and then we added them to jump rings and chains. Between baking, bubbles and glitter, I’ve definitely created a lot more mess for myself to deal with today, but everyone enjoyed it 🙂

We finished the girls’ fairy lanterns. I just added the battery tealights and the floral braids we had made around the lids. You can’t really see the fairy silhouettes through the tissue paper and the huge amount of glitter, but they still look pretty 🙂

The girls added them to their sunbathing spot in the garden. (They don’t really sunbathe – they can’t sit still that long.) They set up a little area with towels, umbrellas, their drinks and their lanterns and pretended to relax in the sun 🙂

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