Holidays in Rostrevor – Part One

I have so much catching up to do on my blog 🙂 The day after the girls finished school, we went for a wee holiday to Rostrevor. I love going there. It feels like we’ve escaped to somewhere much further away than it is and the scenery is beautiful. We started in Kilbroney Park. We went there so many times but the girls never seemed to tire of it. We stopped to look for fish in the river and I took some pictures. There is something about the houses on the other side of the stream that reminds me of the Cotswolds. It’s like a little fairytale village with a fairy glen in it. The girls love the painted rocks wall and stopped to examine each one.

We went to find a picnic spot on the grass. There were patches of tall, wavy grass and they kept the kids’ better entertained than anything else on our trip 🙂 They insisted on walking through it every time and lying down in it. I got them the little wrap kits they love. They’re so handy for picnics and they love putting them together themselves, even if it does result in them eating more ketchup than anything else.

Afterwards, we walked to the playground. The girls don’t even complain about climbing the hill because the playground is positioned right at the top of it 🙂 I also stopped to get a coconut mocha and the girls got some ice-cream. We just sat at a picnic table and looked out over the hills 🙂 It’s such a tranquil thing to do and the girls need that to bring down their levels of hyperactivity 😃 (shown below!)

Then, we went to do the Narnia trail. It’s a little walk in the woods with various carvings to look out for. We entered through the wardrobe door and found the lamppost. The girls have a much better sense of direction than me and found the arrows to lead us to each part 🙂 No one else was there that day and being surrounded by all the ancient trees makes you feel so much calmer after the school run end of year chaos 🙂 My daughter’s insisted on sitting on the girls’ thrones from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe and getting their pictures taken 🙂 I think a lot of our time away was spent sitting in the grass, but I think it was needed by all of us; it brings you back down from the dizzying rush pre-holidays 🙂

We paid a visit to our favourite little gift shop. It’s a tourist shop owned by an Australian lady who relocated to the village because she loved it so much 🙂 It has so many treasures in it and it isn’t expensive at all. I got a couple of gifts and the girls found Pop Its and I wish I had discovered them years ago. They kept them quiet during all our mealtimes 🙂

We just ate dinner in the hotel we were staying in each day. It was so handy and the food is amazing 🙂 Plus it means I can have a wee drink since I don’t have to drive 🙂 Every meal we had there was delicious and the kids’ loved theirs too. Breakfast was included with our room so we were lucky to be able to eat there every morning too 🙂

I rarely venture out after dinner with the kids at home, so it very much feels like a holiday tradition. We were just across the street from the fairy glen, so we went there for a walk each evening after dinner. The girls love the boulders and stepping stones. They could have stayed in that single spot all day, just climbing on rocks and watching the waterfalls. I find the sound of the water running so peaceful too. I’m wondering if I should invest in a water feature for our garden for that reason 🙂 My parents have one in their garden and it’s so calming to listen to. My daughter likes to sit on rocks and contemplate things – it seems to be her new thing. My younger one still wants to climb constantly and explore 🙂

This post is getting long so I’m going to continue in part two 🙂

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