Beach Dens, Clay Unicorns & Drive-Thru Treats

This weekend, we headed to the beach again. It was quiet when we arrived and the sky and sea were as blue as each other šŸ™‚ I read an article about the benefits of going to the sea and it said the double hit of blue is what makes it so calming. I always feel restored after I’ve been to the beach, no matter how overwhelming the week has been. The girls played in the playground and then we found a spot on the sand for pains au chocolat and coffee (for me:)) The girls made sand hills, dug up shells and stones and filled holes they dug in the sand with water. That involved me walking into the sea and getting my boots filled with water, but it woke me up šŸ™‚ We went for a walk along the seafront and went to the girls’ “den.” It’s a little private beach where they like to pretend to cook. They made meals out of shells, rocks and flowers. I love the views from there because I can easily imagine I’m not in Northern Ireland šŸ™‚ We stopped at the ice-cream van on the way back to the car and the girls got sprinkle cones šŸ™‚ I love sitting on the sand or on grass. It reminds me of being a kid, picking flowers and blades of grass and daydreaming. I don’t think you’re ever too old for that šŸ™‚

Today, we had a peaceful day. We went for drive-thru coffee and the girls had white chocolate marshmallows and some orange juice. I quite like having mini picnics in the car and having a chat about the things we see around us. It feels like you’ve been out of the house but with none of the effort it requires to do that šŸ™‚

I baked some bread when we got home and made a huge pot of bolognese. The girls helped me with the vegetables. It might be the one meal containing vegetables that they eat, even if they do still pick out any that are visible šŸ™‚ We spent some time in the sun in the garden and had lunch there. Then we did some quiet crafts šŸ™‚ The girls finished sewing little handbags they got in a kids’ sewing kit. Sometimes I don’t think I give them enough credit to manage to do things like that by themselves. They both finished their bags with minimal help šŸ™‚

We opened some clay unicorn kits that a kind friend got us. The girls were talking about Jumping Clay and I realised we hadn’t made anything out of clay for a while. The packs came with instructions that were easy for the girls to follow and I like the fact even though they make the same thing as each other, they look so different šŸ™‚ They used the leftover clay to make mini pizzas afterwards. I opened a mini greenhouse kit that my mum got the girls for Christmas. It looks complicated to make, but I might work on it alone in stages and get the girls to help me to assemble it at the end šŸ™‚ Hopefully it works out better than my attempt at putting together a miniature house a couple of months ago šŸ™‚ There seems to be a fine line between crafts and DIY and once that line is approached, I’m lost šŸ™‚

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