Paper Tray Poppies, Comfort Food & Escaping to the Sea

This week, the girls and I made some coffee cup holder flowers 🙂 After I cut them out, I decided they looked most like poppies, so I got the girls to paint the centre of them black and the petals different shades of red. We had to let them dry overnight before we could assemble them. We made a 3D picture with them the next day. I had saved a cardboard insert that came in a package, so the girls painted it blue and then we glued the poppies onto it, adding green pipecleaners for stems 🙂

We tried a strange new soup idea. I had chicken soup I’d made at the weekend and leftover stuffing balls, so I combined them to make a chicken and dumplings soup. The girls both loved it, even though it doesn’t look particularly appetising 🙂 But it was a good way to use up leftovers and avoid waste.

At the beginning of the week, the girls had the same feeling about starting home schooling that I did. I found them pretending to be asleep, tucked in under a blanket on the living room floor when I’d called them to start work 🙂

We went for a few walks, despite the icy weather and went to the park. The girls love trying to climb to the top of the spider’s web at the minute 🙂 I like getting red-cold fingers and a numb face from the frost if warm coffee awaits me afterwards at home. It makes you appreciate the warmth of your house more too 🙂

I made some more of the Paris cookies we are addicted to at the moment. I find it odd that the girls both like them because they contain dark chocolate and sea salt, but they don’t seem to have any problems devouring them 🙂 I like the way the cookies expand in the oven and all come out as a giant cookie you have to break apart when they’ve cooled 🙂 It’s strange how something as simple as homemade cookies can vastly improve your quality of life 🙂

One of the girls had to paint a cake for her homework, so we made it an activity for everybody. I love when they are presented with the same idea and produce two completely different things out of it. Painting and beaches seem to be the two things that calm all of us down at the minute 🙂

I made some homemade pizza and my daughter declared it as good as the one from the shop. I don’t know that that is really a compliment, but I’m just happy to have finally found a recipe they will both eat 🙂

Today, we went back to Sea Park again. It was a beautiful morning, even if it was painfully cold. I love going there when hardly anyone has arrived yet and enjoying the peace. The tide was in and the sea was lapping against the rocks. I find listening to the crash of the waves so relaxing and I even got to read a little bit while the girls ran wild 🙂 We went for a walk along the beach and the girls threw stones into the sea and paddled in their wellies. When we could bear the cold no longer, we got into the car and had cookies and tea to warm ourselves up 🙂 We people-watched for a while and it made me so happy seeing someone telling their kids off because it reassured me that it doesn’t just happen to me 🙂 We spotted boats and places on the other side of the lough. By the time we were finished, I felt much more able to face the home schooling we had to do 🙂

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