Baking Solo, Mindful Crafts & Hidden Candles

I thought I’d share a few of the things we’ve been doing this week 🙂 I made cornbread for the first time in years. I first tried it in Florida and have loved it since and I think it goes with everything 🙂 Sadly my children don’t agree. I always have polenta in the cupboard and intend to make it with Italian food and never seem to get round to it. Baking when my kids are at school is definitely a different experience 🙂 I can’t say I make less mess, although it’s definitely more relaxed 🙂 I had made a roasted pepper and tomato soup too and combined the two. I got a soup mug a couple of months ago and I love it 🙂

I also made some more Christmas rocky road. I added icing sugar and edible glitter and started to apportion it to give to people before remembering to take a photo 🙂

I did some card-making while I had time to myself before sharing out the craft supplies too 🙂 It’s so therapeutic and helps you switch off and I like how many different cards you can make with just a small selection of supplies 🙂 I used to make cards with my mum when I was younger and she had every card-making tool but it’s still possible to make plenty with a few supplies from the pound shop or The Works 🙂 – which reminds me, I went to a scrapbooking class for adults for a while. They just supplied us with notebooks and stamps, paper, etc and let us chat and design them however we liked. I’d quite like to try it again so I might replenish our supplies soon. I thought I had enough “Merry Christmas” stickers for the next decade until my kids used five on each card they made 😀

I love rediscovering forgotten treasures in my house and find cupboard clear-outs so cathartic. I came across a box of festive Yankee Candles I’d got in the summer on Groupon that I’d forgotten I bought 🙂 So, our house has smelt like frosted gingerbread this week and I’m excited about trying the others too 🙂

My daughter wanted to draw Christmas trees and I liked her art style. She decided to decorate the wall for me with her pictures and I forgot that hanging pictures is a skill on its own, but she’s better at getting them straight than I am 🙂

The girls’ Christmas Toucan boxes arrived and we made the little reindeer together for the board game included in the magazine 🙂 I love the way activities like that slow down the frantic final week of term before Christmas 🙂

The girls reminded me that we had to add our train around the base of the tree. I am awoken each day by choo choo noises and the sound of it running in circles on the tracks but it’s an improvement on the sweet sound of squabbling (although that still happens too!)

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