Treat Box Houses, Mint Traybakes & Fish Friends

This week has felt eventful, in small ways. After getting another book published, I’m left with a little more time for my blog – until I start writing the third volume at least! I find the editing process far more time consuming than the actual writing, so I’ll get a semi-break until I’m faced with the task of editing the third 🙂

The girls and I assembled our little treat box Christmas house. We had accompanying Christmas music while we did it. It felt acceptable because we were doing a Christmas activity 🙂 I actually feel tempted to put our tree up this weekend, just for a bit of festive cheer 🙂 We just glued on the walls, the roof, I cut the blue squares to make window frames so you can see the “lights” and tree inside. We added a door and a wreath made from the base of an egg cup in an egg carton. We decorated it with sequins and a little bow made out of a pipecleaner. We tied another to the handle of the box. You could add whatever features you like and adapt it to fit with the season.

I made my first attempt at making mint chocolate squares. They’re my favourite kind of traybake and I realised that spending two pounds on one square is a bit pointless when I can make a trayful for not much more 🙂 I found the process of making them quite therapeutic. There is no baking involved – just refrigeration between layers. I was happy with the colour of the mint filling. I’d expected a muddy colour with the food colouring we had, but it seemed to take better to icing than to play doh 🙂 After adding the chocolate layer and letting it set, I was tempted to keep it as one huge traybake 🙂 But I have to share, so I sliced it up. I’m planning on bringing some to the park for a playdate today. This is the recipe I used: I think I’m going to make some fudge today to use up the rest of the condensed milk 🙂

After being nagged by my kids for a long time to get a fish, I finally caved and went to the shop when they were at school. I’d thought we were going to end up with a goldfish in a bowl, but we got a tank instead. I’m glad we did because I’m finding the fish soothing to watch and it’s easier to see them with their little overhanging lamp 🙂 They live in cold water and are called Paradise fish. I got a pair of them and might go back for some other kinds to add in a week or two 🙂 I had to set the tank up and let it settle for two days before getting the fish so I’m excited to see the kids’ reaction when they get home today 🙂

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